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Tapes & Dots

Kapton Tapes & Dots

Kapton Tape - Regular

Kapton Tape — Regular

A high-temperature resistant tape (up to 600°F). Safely protects gold fingers and other flat surfaces over molten solder. Length is 36 yards.

Available in 1/2-, 3/4-, 1-, and 1¼-inch widths.

Low Static Kapton Dots

Low-Static Kapton Dots

Designed to mask thru holes during wave solder where low static conditions are important.

Available in 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch diameters.

Low Static Kapton Tape

Low-Static Kapton Tape

Protects flat surface areas during wave solder with low static charge generation. Length is 36 yards.

Available in 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-inch widths.